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Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial trucking insurance can help cover property and medical expenses resulting from an accident if you or an employee was at fault.We can help design the perfect policy, even for traditionally hard-to-cover vehicles!

What Can We Cover?

At CVU, we specialize in policies for all types of commercial trucks, including:

  • Semi trucks

  • Flat bed trucks

  • End dumps

  • Low beds

  • Drop decks

  • Ten wheelers

  • 18 wheelers

  • Transfers

  • Fleets

  • Construction vehicles & dump trucks

  • Tow-trucks & towing operations

  • Many other commercial vehicles most insurance providers have a hard time covering.

Our auto and trucking insurance policies can cover vehicle and property damage and any incident-related medical expenses.

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We're problem solvers and risk specialists across industries

Contact us today to find the best commercial truck insurance policy for your business. Call 949-715-1018 or send us a message to get started.

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance can protect business owners and their companies in the event of a car or truck accident. It can cover both property damage, like a totaled vehicle or private property damage, and medical expenses. Commercial auto insurance policies cover expenses when a business owner or an employee is driving. 

Any business owner who is regularly driving a car, van, or truck should have a commercial auto policy.

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