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Insurance for Nonprofits


While nonprofits have many of the same operational needs as any business, insurance policies can have unique nuances. As committed members of the community, CVU Advisors strives to get nonprofits the most coverage the most efficiently so they can focus on their true mission.

What coverage should a nonprofit have?

All nonprofits should protect their businesses, services, and employees. Which insurance services are right for each different nonprofit's needs should be discussed with a CVU expert who will help put together the right mix of coverage plans for those unique needs.

Some of the nonprofits we serve:

  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities

  • Education and Research

  • Environment and Animals

  • Health

  • Human Services

  • International

  • Public, Societal Benefits

Common professional insurance services available from CVU:

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

  • General liability

  • Property insurance

  • Auto insurance

  • Workers' compensation

  • Professional liability


We're problem solvers and risk specialists across industries

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