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Meeting the needs of small business owners has remained a passion for CVU's dedicated small business team. We focus entirely on meeting the specific needs of our small business insurance clients.

Together, we can help keep you on the path to success and scale your benefits as you grow from basement startup to Fortune 500.

General Liability Insurance

What is Covered Under A General Liability Policy?

Most businesses need a General Liability insurance policy to protect themselves against all sorts of unexpected costs. General Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage caused by your company, by both people and products.

General liability insurance protects your business in the event of:

  • Bodily injury or property damage caused by your company

  • Lawsuits and litigation relating to your company and its products or services

  • Advertising injury as a result of copyright and trademark infringements, for example

  • Medical expenses if a client, customer, or vendor injures themselves on your property or while doing business with/for you

  • Damages to rented or leased property as a result of a common occurrence like fire, lightning, or explosion

  • Losses from a burglary 

  • Any losses or expenses in the event of an accident

It's strongly recommended that businesses of all sizes protect themselves from having to pay these expenses out of pocket by investing in a General Liability insurance policy. The right cost and policy for your business depends on a lot of factors and CVU specializes in finding the perfect policy for each individual business. 

We're problem solvers and risk specialists across industries

Contact us today to find the best custom small business policy for you! Call 949-715-1018 or send us a message to get started.

Commercial Auto or Commercial Trucking Insurance will protect your business from costs associated with accidents, but that's not the only risk your company faces. General Liability insurance will protect you in situations not covered by your auto or trucking policy.

Here are some examples of common General Liability claims that would not be covered under an auto policy alone:

  • A vendor slips and falls resulting in bodily injury

  • The company unintentionally uses a logo or trademark from another brand and is sued 

  • A fuel hauler delivers fuel to the wrong tanks, resulting in engine damage to several vehicles

  • A fork lift driver accidentally damages a trailer or other property while unloading

Talk to us today about a customized plan to include General Liability coverage with your auto or trucking policy.

General Liability for Commercial Automotive Businesses

GL for Comm Auto
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